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Cyti Psychological’s revolutionary telehealth model delivers high-quality Individual, Family and Couples Counseling on your terms. Our licensed and accredited therapists are here for you 24/7. Our clinic offers unparalleled online convenience and the latest HIPAA-compliant technology for your privacy and peace of mind. No matter how busy and hectic your life may be, you don’t have to compromise your wellness as you can connect with your therapist at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

We offer multiple modalities of therapy to address your long term and short term anxiety, depression, grief, parenting challenges, trauma, and significant life changes. CouplesTherapy, Trauma Therapy, DBT, EMDR, and a variety of other modalities all provided via the safety and convenience of our secure online platform. No subscriptions, no surprises, no hidden costs. You deserve a life of the highest quality. You deserve to be happy. And it all begins Right Now, Right Here.

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No matter what you’re going through, You’re Not Alone.

Science-based, Research-backed, Solution-Oriented DBT Therapy

DBT for ADHD and other issues

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. How you think and feel impacts everything you do! Our licensed, certified therapists offer counseling services online, providing care for challenges such as anxiety, trauma, grief, ADHD, PTSD, and much more through Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for ADHD and we offer DBT as a useful tool to work on other issues.

We are dedicated to helping families, couples, and individuals overcome all of life’s challenges. Our therapists provide a safe and caring environment, working closely with you to design a treatment plan that works for you, your preferences, and your lifestyle. We’re always here to help — on your terms and schedule. Because our clinic is online, you can connect with your therapist when it’s convenient for you. We accept most major insurance plans across California and Oregon. Reach out to schedule an appointment, we are here to help you.

Cyti-Clinics Online Therapy

No matter what you’re going through, You’re Not Alone.

Effects of Anxiety

Barrier-Free Therapy Your Way

Therapy and Counseling for Individuals, Families, and Couples
The last couple of years has changed the way we live in just about every way. Unfortunately, many people, families, and couples experienced increased pressures and anxieties because of these changes, affecting their mental health and quality of life. Family constellation therapy is an effective way for most families. The effects of anxiety can be devastating. Family constellation therapy is a therapeutic approach that explores the hidden dynamics and intergenerational patterns within a family system to bring about healing and resolution.

As offices closed and travel was restricted, many were unable to attend in-person appointments, and their mental health suffered as a result. The needs for quality care were on the rise, but resources were fewer and more difficult to access. We created Cyti Psychological to respond to today’s mental health crisis, to provide individuals, couples, and families in need of trusted mental health services with the care they deserve to overcome today’s challenges—without barriers, restrictions, or complicated payment structures to complicate the healing process.

Cyti Clinics Online Therapy

Healing Starts Here
We make it easy to access the mental healthcare services you need now. Our team of dedicated, licensed therapists is experienced in multiple modalities and specialties. We recognize how difficult it is to take that first step, so we’ve made it easy to get started. Simply answer a few questions about yourself, and we’ll book your first appointment right away.

We know you want to get your life back. You want to be happy, productive, and enjoy your friends and family. Our team of highly-skilled licensed therapists and psychologists are here to help You heal Your trauma, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or Grief.

The latest research and evidence-based approaches inform our treatments to ensure the best possible results for our patients. Our counselors are trained and experienced in a range of modalities for anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, PTSD, and ADHD and will work with you to develop a treatment plan that helps you improve your daily life as you work towards your wellness goals.

Therapy for Individuals
Our counselors work with patients one-on-one to help them navigate a range of personal and emotional issues, including anxiety and overwhelm, depression, grief, trauma, ADHD, and behavioral or personality disorders. We provide a safe and secure environment to help you explore these concerns and will help you develop strategies to cope, change behavioral patterns, resolve conflict, and express your thoughts and emotions in a healthy and productive way. Individual therapy can be short-term or long-term and will vary depending on your concern and the recommendations of your therapist.

Diverse Leadership & Therapists

LGBTQIA Experienced

Structural Family Therapy
Families today look very different than they did in previous generations. We work with families of all descriptions, from parents and kids to adult children and elderly parents, caregivers, extended families, and close loved ones. Structural family therapy can help your family too. Whatever your family looks like, whatever challenges or life changes you’re facing, we are here to help. Read more about what structural family therapy is here.

Parenting can come with challenges. However, when the help of a skilled professional guides parents, they learn strategies to care for their child that will benefit their whole family for years to come. The licensed, professional therapists at Cyti Psychological treat a wide range of behavioral challenges with the convenience and flexibility of live telehealth visits.

Cyti Clinics Online Therapy

Couples Therapy
Couples benefit from counseling at every stage of the relationship. Many couples seek counseling before marriage to understand each other before making a lifetime commitment. Feeling disconnected in any long-term relationship is normal and happens to almost everyone.

Counseling can help couples navigate life changes or cope with grief. A caring therapist can help empty nesters rediscover their love or counsel on how to communicate more effectively. The professionals at Cyti Psychological will provide the guidance you need to strengthen your relationship and reconnect with your partner on a deeper level.

Secure Online Appointments
Our clinic operates 100% online in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. Online therapy removes many common barriers to care as you can communicate with your therapist from your home or on the go.

No Subscription Fees
Many clinics require a monthly subscription to enroll in therapy. Cyti Psychological operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing patients to tailor their treatment plan to their budget. We also accept most insurance and Victims of Crime plans and, in many cases, can bill the payer directly, so you’re not out-of-pocket.

To learn more about our therapists and our services, we invite you to browse our website. Please reach out if you have any questions. We’re always here for you, and we genuinely care.

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Does Therapy Work Online?

Modern modalities of therapy not only can be done from the comfort of your own home, but many patients also find it more effective this way. A main component in any therapy’s success is a safe, comfortable environment for the client. Giving the client the freedom to choose this space for themselves makes mental health therapy an ideal candidate for virtual care.

Cyti Psychological therapists are dedicated to providing high-quality therapy to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Our fully licensed therapists are available to provide all types of modern therapy online at your convenience 24/7.

Cyti Clinics Online Therapy