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Cyti Psychological, Care you trust in, is an innovative tele-health model delivering high-quality individual, family, and couples counseling. Cyti offers unparalleled online convenience and the latest HIPAA-compliant technology for privacy and peace of mind. No matter how busy and hectic life may be, we don’t have to compromise our wellness anymore. Cyti Psychological can connect people with a therapist at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. We are looking for skilled therapists across California, Oregon, and Washington.

Cyti is looking for therapists to offer multiple modalities of therapy to address long-term and short-term anxiety, depression, grief, parenting challenges, trauma, and significant life changes. Couples Therapy, Trauma Therapy, DBT and DBT-informed care, EMDR, Brain Spotting, Play Therapy, Eating Disorders, and a variety of other modalities are all areas of expertise Cyti Psychological is looking for across Oregon. We do not offer subscriptions, no surprises, no hidden costs.

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