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Chronic pain is a condition that affects millions of Americans, regardless of age, race, or gender. Finding effective treatment can be difficult for those who struggle with chronic pain.

Medical practitioners may be unable to find the source of the pain, making it hard to deliver an appropriate solution. In other cases, the source of the pain is easily identified, but managing it cannot be achieved through traditional methods.

If chronic pain is debilitating and impacts your quality of life, you may need pain management services. Cyti Psychological offers personalized solutions to pain management, helping address pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. Please read on to find out more about our pain management services.

What Is Pain Management?

Pain management refers to a medical subfield that focuses on controlling chronic pain or alleviating pain-related symptoms. Traditionally, pain management has relied primarily on medicinal solutions, providing patients with medications to reduce their pain.

As years have gone by, many of these medications have become less viable solutions to pain. Some are highly addictive and have contributed to the opioid crisis, while others simply fail to produce effective pain management results.

At Cyti Psychological, we take an approach to pain management that combines the physical element with mental and emotional elements. We address the physical causes of a patient’s pain while simultaneously working with their mental and emotional well-being to help relieve many of the ways chronic pain impacts their quality of life.

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How Cyti Psychological Treats Chronic Pain

Pain management at Cyti Psychological utilizes a number of different modalities to address the source of chronic pain and help patients alleviate their symptoms. Below are just a few of the most common pain management approaches used at Cyti Psychological.

Stress Reduction
Medicinal Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Also known as CBT, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a frequently used pain management technique for patients struggling with chronic pain.

CBT is a psychological treatment that aims to reduce negative thinking, redirect stressful emotions, and encourage problem-solving skills. It can also be used to treat anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

During cognitive-behavioral therapy, the patient is guided through their negative emotions and aided in confronting the source of them. The goal is to help patients identify the cause of their pain and help them re-frame their feelings and emotions surrounding it.

This therapy can ultimately give patients the tools to cope with physical pain, emotional distress, and feelings of despair.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a psychotherapeutic service that aims to alleviate distress and upset caused by trauma. For some patients with chronic pain, their pain may be a symptom that has developed in response to a traumatic event. For others, the pain can be the traumatic event itself, leading to other symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.

EMDR therapy stimulates physiological arousal through supervised exposure to emotionally-distressing material in controlled doses. During this exposure, the patient is directed to focus on an external stimulus, which is eye movement. EMDR can effectively help patients with negative thoughts and painful feelings or emotions associated with their traumatic events. Read more about EMDR at out EMDR Clinic page.

Customized Medicinal Therapy

In many instances, patients with chronic pain are given a one-size-fits-all medication to resolve their symptoms. This often fails to work because every patient is different and has unique needs.

At Cyti Psychological, we strive to assist in the alleviation of your chronic pain, support your emotional well-being, and improve your psychiatric state in a integrated approach to pain management and medicinal treatments.

Some patients have symptoms of chronic pain that are intricately linked to a mental health concern. These patients may benefit from certain psychiatric medications to address their symptoms.

Other patients are struggling with mood disorders that exacerbate their feelings of pain. For these patients, mood stabilizers can alleviate their condition.

At Cyti Psychological, our experts will carefully consider all of the factors that contribute to your pain and develop a medicinal plan that better addresses them.

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Pain Management at Cyti Psychological

Are you or someone you care about struggling with chronic pain? Chronic pain can manifest in a variety of ways, including physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. At Cyti Psychological, we aim to treat chronic pain by providing pain management that combines these three elements and resolves pain on a deeper level.

We’ll work directly with you to develop both physical and behavioral techniques for pain management, redirecting negative feelings, and coping with the source of your pain.

Our team includes highly-trained experts who work with patients suffering from all kinds of pain and distress due to unresolved trauma, medical ailments, or mental health concerns. Visit our website or call our offices to schedule your pain management consultation.

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