Behavioral Challenges Clinic: Ages 3 - 12

It is normal for young children to misbehave or test boundaries. However, some behavioral challenges in younger children are more significant than others. Professional input can help you understand and address them.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with the behavioral challenges of your child, then you need to know the resources you have available. Cyti Psychological provides 24/7 care specialists so you can connect with a therapist whenever the need arises.

Additionally, our licensed professionals offer pediatric and family therapy, so you have the tools needed to build a healthy relationship with your child.

Parenting can come with challenges. However, when the help of a skilled professional guides parents, they learn strategies to care for their child that will benefit their whole family for years to come. So don’t struggle with behavioral challenges. Add a session with Cyti Psychological to your schedule now.

Types of Challenges We Treat

The licensed, professional therapists at Cyti Psychological treat a wide range of behavioral challenges. For example, some families need help as a child tests their boundaries, while others may need support managing the symptoms of a mental disorder their child is experiencing.

Regardless of your needs, our therapists are ready to help. Some of the symptoms that our team of therapists specializes in treating include:

Additionally, Cyti Psychological works with children and families as they encounter a struggling time, such as during a divorce, illness, or death in the family.

Can a Child Have a Mental Disorder?

Many mental disorders may arise in childhood, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, or behavioral disorders. Many children who experience mental disorders are diagnosed during their school years, but some kids’ symptoms may be misunderstood or accidentally overlooked.

An early and accurate diagnosis can help a child substantially as they navigate playing, learning, making friends, and managing their emotions.

Conduct Disorder

How Do I Know If My Child’s Behavioral Concern Is Normal?

It’s difficult to know whether your child’s behavioral challenges are typical or part of a larger concern. While some children seem to “outgrow” behavioral challenges, other children’s problems may intensify, leading to difficulties with succeeding at school and social interactions.

Children whose disruptive behaviors are uncommon for their age, persistent, or severe may suffer from a behavioral disorder. However, children whose behaviors are particularly challenging or troublesome should undergo an evaluation from a mental health professional. A professional can determine whether the behavior stems from trauma, a learning problem, or a disruptive behavior disorder, such as oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

ODD symptoms may present in a child before they turn eight years old but no later than around 12 years of age. A child with ODD may act out persistently, causing problems at home, school, or among other children of their age. Behaviors commonly associated with ODD include:

The disruptive behaviors of children suffering from ODD often worsen when they’re around people they know well, such as family members or regular care providers.

Conduct Disorder (CD)

Children with CD may present symptoms early, before the age of 10, or in adolescence. When children have early-onset conduct disorder, they tend to be at greater risk of persistent struggles and problems academically and with peer relationships. The main symptom of CD is ongoing aggression toward people and animals. Some of these behaviors include:

Additionally, children struggling with CD may deliberately break the rules, lie, steal, or purposely damage other people’s property.

Behavioral Challenges Require a Comprehensive Evaluation

Children with problematic behaviors should undergo a comprehensive evaluation from a mental health professional, as children exhibiting symptoms of ODD or CD may have coexisting conditions. These may include:

Improving the symptoms of behavioral disorders may be difficult without addressing and treating a coexisting condition.

Additionally, children with ODD or CD may experience ongoing problems if they don’t receive early, comprehensive treatment. Behavioral challenges can make it difficult to adapt to the responsibilities and demands required of adults.

Treatments for Behavioral Challenges

Treating behavioral challenges and disorders can be complex, as some patients with ODD respond well to positive parenting techniques, and others require more comprehensive methods. Some treatments for behavioral challenges include:

Finding the best treatment plan for a child and their family requires the support and guidance of a trained professional. Schedule your first session today.

Does Behavioral Therapy Work Online?

Behavior therapy not only can be done from the comfort of your own home, but it is often more effective this way. A main component in the success of child therapy is a safe, comfortable environment for the child. Additionaly, treatment from home often means we are addressing issues in the same environment where the behavior is taking place. Giving the kids the opportunity to be treated at home makes virtual therapy an ideal solution for children.

Cyti Psychological therapists are dedicated to providing high-quality therapy to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Our fully licensed therapists are available to provide Behavior Therapy and other types of therapy 24/7.

No matter what you’re going through, You’re Not Alone.

Trust Cyti Psychological to Support Your Family

When you’re overwhelmed with your child’s behavioral challenges, you need to know you have a professional in your corner. The experienced, licensed therapists of Cyti Psychological can provide you with the support and techniques you need to manage your child’s struggles. Early intervention is key to successfully treating behavioral challenges. Don’t continue to endure the strain that behavioral challenges place on your family. Instead, get the assistance you need from Cyti Psychological.

Cyti Psychological is a passionate, dedicated and experienced provider of therapeutic care services for families and individuals dealing with mental health conditions. We understand that seeking treatment can be difficult, so we work hard to make the process easier for every patient.

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