How much is couples therapy?

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in your relationship with no clear idea as to how you got there? Do you feel like your partner doesn’t understand you, take your feelings into consideration, or even listen to you? 

Although it might seem like it, you’re certainly not alone. Every couple goes through challenging times in their relationship. And the fact that you’re already researching how much marriage counseling costs is proof that you’re not ready to throw the towel in just yet. Other people try relationship exercises. 

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If you can’t fix things between you both but you refuse to let the life you built together transform into something neither of you ever wanted, marriage counseling could be the effective solution you’re looking for.

A great marriage therapist or couples counselor will help you determine the cause of the issues within your relationship and work with you to find comfortable solutions that work for couples. They’ll help you break down the thorny parts of your relationship and build a strong, loving relationship that you both deserve.

But if you’ve never been to a therapist or a counselor before, you might not be sure if you can afford it. The price of marriage counseling varies widely across the country and even within individual cities. But if you explore all your options, it’s fairly simple to find affordable marriage counseling that suits your budget.

To help you understand why couples therapy is so expensive and determine whether your relationship is worth the investment, here’s what you need to know about how much marriage counseling costs.

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How much does marriage counseling cost?

On average, couples counseling costs $100-$200 per hour. As most therapy sessions are 90 minutes long, this means you’ll pay $150-$300 for each counseling session.

There are several ways to get low-cost marriage counseling, such as having telehealth marriage counseling instead of in-person couples therapy. But $100-$200 per hour is an accurate figure that you can expect to spend on couples family therapy.

Whichever type of marriage counseling you choose, it’s important to remember that you’ll need more than one session. Most counselors recommend you have weekly couples therapy sessions over the course of three months — that’s 12 sessions in total. Three months of therapy will give you enough time to get to the root of the struggles within your relationship and find a workable solution.

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This means that the average cost of marriage counseling is $1,800 – $3,600 for a full 12 weeks of therapy. These figures are based on different types of couples counseling with different counselors and in locations all across the country. You could find yourself paying significantly less or even more than the average. 

Here are some things which determine how much marriage counseling costs:

  • Location. Generally, couples counseling costs more in bigger, more densely populated cities than it does in smaller cities with fewer people. For example, marriage therapy in New York City can cost up to $400 per session, while couples therapy in Naples in Florida can cost as little as $75 per session.

    To find how much marriage counseling costs where you are, Google couples counselors in your area. For example, type “couples counselor Florida” or “marriage counselors near me”.
  • Counselor’s experience. The more experience a counselor has, the more they charge. The higher education level a therapist has and whether or not they’re licensed also determines their price. It’s often cheaper to visit a marriage counselor who is still working toward gaining their license while practicing under a licensed therapist than it is to see a licensed counselor.
  • Sliding scale fees. Some marriage counselors determine their rates according to sliding scale fees. This means you’ll pay a special price according to your household income or the size of your family.

    Visiting a marriage counselor who uses sliding scale fees is a helpful way of fitting marriage counseling into your budget without breaking the bank.

Is couples counseling covered by insurance?

Marriage counseling is not covered by most insurance companies. There are always exceptions to this rule: for example, Cyti Psychological counselors accept PPO insurance. However, you should expect to pay for marriage counseling out of your own pocket in most cases.

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What’s the cost of not seeing a marriage counselor?

One thing few couples take into consideration when looking into the cost of marriage counseling is the cost of not seeing a couples counselor. 

Financially, seeing a marriage counselor is a much more cost-effective solution than going through a messy divorce. The average cost of a divorce is $12,900. Even a simple, uncontested divorce with no major issues costs on average $4,100. Compare that to the average cost of couples therapy and you’re much better off seeing a counselor than getting divorced.

Not seeing a marriage counselor doesn’t just cost you financially. It costs you emotionally, too. A great couples counselor can be the difference between a nasty breakup and a loving relationship. Most problems within a relationship are easier to resolve than you might think. All it often takes is the advice from a qualified outsider who can see things from a different perspective. There are many people that decide to try and get their ex back, they resort to max jancar or relationship hero.

Is couples counseling worth it?

Crafting a loving, caring relationship with your partner isn’t easy. There’s more to it than buying a gift or going out on a date. Successful relationships take continuous work and investment for them to thrive.

Whether your relationship issues have developed due to the stresses caused by the pandemic or they’ve been festering deep down for some time, marriage counseling can help you get back on track. 

While there are no guarantees, just a few weeks of couples counseling can help save a marriage that’s going through a rough patch and help you grow it into a relationship you truly cherish. 

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