Feeling disconnected from your partner? It’s a normal part of any healthy relationship, but it can be can be stressful and difficult. Intimacy is not just sex and magic. Much like a garden, it requires effort to cultivate and time to grow.

Whether you are facing recent stressors you can’t get past, hoping to improve intimacy, regain trust after infidelity, or learn how to communicate and deal with conflict in a blended family, we can help. Our couples counselors are licensed and trained in research-backed treatments and modalities and will work with you both together and individually to help you achieve your goals of harmony and understanding.

Couples counseling isn’t just for couples in crisis — it’s for partnerships of all kinds at every life stage. Monumental changes can shift the balance of relationships, and even the strongest couples need some help to navigate the changing tides. Cyti Psychological is a passionate and committed provider of couples therapy. Explore to learn more about our couples therapy clinic and our approach to nurturing healthy intimacy and relationships. When you’re ready, Get Started.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Simply put, couples therapy is a specific form of therapy that aims to improve relationships. Clients can work both individually and with their spouse or partner to enhance the relationship and resolve the concerns and issues that have become entangled over time. Couples counseling is beneficial for any couple at any stage in their relationship. Whether you’ve recently begun considering a long-term commitment to each other or have been married for decades, couples therapy can help you turn a good relationship into a great one.

Starting a new relationship is exciting, but marriage is a big commitment—and there are plenty of hurdles to cross before you truly know each other. Premarital counseling is a way to get some of the tough stuff on the table before entering the marriage. You’ll learn how to communicate with each other, resolve conflict in a healthy way, and avoid many of the pitfalls new couples typically face.

From helping you understand each other’s boundaries and expectations in life to showing you how to be a better partner, couples counseling can save a struggling relationship and strengthen a happy one. By learning how to communicate and properly listen to each other, you’re laying the foundations for a solid, satisfying, long-lasting relationship. And what could be more central to your quality of life than the health and happiness in your relationship with your significant other?

How Can Couples Therapy Help ?

Structural Family Therapy
Structural family therapy extends the value of couples therapy to include children. Blended families, single-parent families, families with disabled children, or who have experienced significant loss or trauma will all benefit.

Structural family therapy is designed to address unhealthy patterns of behavior that might affect or impact other household members.

But you’re not alone. The professionals at Cyti Psychological will provide the guidance you need to strengthen your relationship and reconnect with your partner on a deeper level.
Learn more about Structural Family Therapy.

Solution-Oriented Therapy
Marital issues or relationship problems do not randomly appear for most couples. There is typically an underlying concern at the root of these issues. At Cyti Psychological, we’ll work to uncover that underlying problem and develop solutions to either resolve it or cope with it. Through solution-oriented therapy, we can give couples the ability to problem-solve together in a way that brings them closer and revitalizes their relationship.

Focused Couples Therapy
The professionals at Cyti Psychological use a number of methods to work with couples and provide them with the best possible care. One of these techniques is focused couples therapy. Focused couples therapy involves several tools that couples can use to strengthen and stabilize their relationship. These include de-escalation, restructuring, and consolidation.

Customized Care
Cyti Psychological boasts a team of clinical experts with specialties that run the gamut of proven therapeutic modalities to assist in the treatment of wide range of specific issues. Whatever you are struggling with, it is likely we have compassionate therapist that is suited to your needs.

If we find along the way that you or your partner may benefit from a particular approach or therapeutic method, we will set you up with a professional who can provide that specific and unique care you need. This type of customized therapy allows couples to receive care tailored to their needs and the desired goals for their relationship. Whatever you and your partner are going through, you are not alone and you don’t need to hanlde it alone. Schedule now and start feeling better right away.

Benefits of Partnership

When couples begin treatment with Cyti Psychological, they can rest assured that their relationship is in good hands.

Our team of professionals is highly-trained and well-versed in a number of different clinical approaches and therapeutic modalities. Our therapists have more than 2,500 hours of clinical experience, bringing a truly exceptional level of expertise to your treatment.

Cyti Psychological strives to make your therapy journey as easy as possible. This is why we provide Telehealth options for couples who cannot attend in-person sessions. We also offer the Cyti Care program, which includes 50-minute live sessions with a therapist, with no insurance requirement or monthly membership.

Does Couples Therapy Work Online?

Couples therapy not only can be done from the comfort of your own home, but many couples also find it more effective this way. A main component in the success of any therapy is a safe, comfortable environment for the clients. Giving the clients the freedom to choose this space for themselves makes virtual couples therapy an ideal solution.

Cyti Psychological therapists are dedicated to providing high-quality therapy to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Our fully licensed therapists are available to provide Couples Therapy and other types of therapy 24/7.

No matter what you’re going through, You’re Not Alone.

Couples Therapy at Cyti Psychological

If your relationship is strained due to issues like finances, infidelity, or parenting, you may need couples therapy. Even the strongest of relationships can be impacted by a variety of common concerns, which is why couples therapy is an essential tool for stabilizing your relationship and working through periods of difficulty. At Cyti Psychological, we go above and beyond to provide couples with a safe space to discuss their feelings, fears, and goals. We’ll work directly with you and your partner to develop the best ways to resolve problems and have a healthier relationship.

Cyti Psychological is a passionate, dedicated and experienced provider of therapeutic care services for individuals dealing with mental health conditions. We understand that seeking treatment can be difficult, so we work hard to make the process easier for every patient.

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