Attending a University, Community College, or a Specialty program requires much more than elementary, middle or high school’s pencil and paper, so setting yourself up for success is imperative to meet your goals.

One of the most important issues is developing a plan. Figuring out what program sparks your interest will save you time and money in the future. Calculate your expenses and pick whether you’re using FAFSA or other means to get you through your program and complete all tasks related to this by its deadline.

Now that you have your plan, make sure you prepare for it by organizing your schedule, using apps that improve productivity such as myHomework (student planner), adjusting your daily routine, and meeting deadlines.

While this stage of your life can be stressful with a multitude of responsibilities, limit your distractions by designating a space and time to study; or learn to study with them present. Choose to schedule daily time away to focus on studying or if going out isn’t an option, use noise cancelling headphones or listen to something soothing during review of your schoolwork.

Establish a support system in your program or at least with those who also attend school and understand the struggle. It’s important to have people around you that can encourage you by having study sessions, working out together, and holding each other accountable. Keep in touch with positive family and friends that will keep you on track.

Use your time wisely! Record your lectures so you can listen to them on the go. If you’re a visual learner, always keep flashcards (either digital or physical) with you. This way you can run errands while being studious.

Finally, make sure you maintain a healthy diet by pre-planning your meals and snacks throughout the day. Maintain a consistent bedtime to get a good night’s rest as sleep can help with improving memory and increasing mood. Get at least 10 minutes of sunlight in the morning and 6 hours of exercise throughout the week to help maintain a positive mood, help to boost your immune system, and strengthen your overall well-being.

Dr. Saema Rahmany
National Clinical Director
Cyti Psychological

Fall on the University of Oregon