CytiPsych now accepts Aetna insurance

We`re proud to announce that we now accept Aetna insurance! If you have a qualifying health plan with Aetna, you can now book sessions with our Cyti therapists for a heavily discounted rate. Check the details of your plan – you may even qualify for free CytiPsych therapy.

How does it work?

Having an Aetna insurance plan makes paying for CytiPsych therapy easy. After confirming your plan is valid, we’ll take care of all the paperwork and bill Aetna for each session. You don’t have to do anything at all.

There’s no monthly membership fee to receive CytiPsych therapy. All the sessions are billed individually. So as long as you keep up with your Aetna insurance payments, you can continue to receive CytiPsych therapy at a heavily discounted rate or even for free, depending on your plan.

How much does it cost?

It’s difficult to say how much CytiPsych therapy costs with an Aetna insurance plan. The price depends on the type of plan you have, as well as your personal needs.

If you have a comprehensive plan, you may find that teletherapy sessions are covered completely, so you don’t have to spend anything at all. However, you may otherwise discover that the price of each session is dramatically reduced, making therapy much more affordable for you than before.

Check the small print of your Aetna insurance plan for the details on pricing. If you’re still not sure, give us a call at 1-866-478-3978 and we’ll tell you exactly how much each individual session will cost you before you make a commitment. 

What type of therapy is covered?

Our CytiPsych therapists are trained and qualified to treat all kinds of mental health concerns. Some of the most common issues they treat include:

You can choose the therapist you want to speak to and arrange your first session for a day and time that suits you. As all sessions are online, you’re free to speak to your chosen therapist in total privacy and from a place where you feel safe.

Other accepted insurance plans

Aetna is just one of the insurance plans we accept. If you have a qualifying insurance plan with Kaiser, Tricare Select, or any PPO insurance provider, you may qualify for heavily discounted CytiPsych therapy. Online therapy can be as little as $0 per session with insurance.

What if you don’t have insurance?

CytiPsych therapy isn’t limited to people with insurance plans. Get in touch today and we’ll let you know how much you can expect to spend without insurance before you get started. The cost of therapy varies hugely according to the individual, the type of problem, the severity of the symptoms, and other factors.

That’s why we recommend giving us a call to find out before you make a decision. You never know — the cost of therapy could be a lot less than you imagined. To give you a rough idea, a 53-minute session without any kind of insurance policy is $179. 

The information on this page is not intended to be a substitution for diagnosis, treatment, or informed professional advice. You should not take any action or avoid taking any action without consulting with a qualified mental health professional. If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger,  these resources can provide you with immediate help:
Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 988
24 Hour Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255
Crisis Text Line Text TALK to 741741