Benefits Of Physical Therapy After Surgery

The Benefits Of Physical Therapy After Surgery

If you have undergone surgery, you will quickly realize things are not back to normal right away. The success of your surgery is dependent on what you do after your surgery and during your recovery process following surgery.

Often, physical therapy will be recommended, and there are many benefits to enlisting the help of a physical therapist.

Having undergone intensive training, physical therapists can help individuals of all ages regain strength and mobility following surgery, accidents, or medical issues.

Physical therapists can help you through stretches, activities, and exercises specifically designed and customized to help the individual heal in that specific situation. The physical therapist knows the specific techniques that effectively target specific areas of the body.

It is imperative that you comply with the specific instructions for physical therapy that your surgeon has prescribed, so you can heal properly and get the best possible recovery.

Reasons You Will Benefit From Physical Therapy After Surgery

There are many reasons you can benefit from physical therapy following surgical procedures. Here are some reasons you should get physical therapy after a surgical procedure:

  • Improved mobility – you may have restricted range of motion after surgery, but physical therapy can help improve your mobility.
  • Circulatory benefits – your healing can get a boost from physical therapy improving your blood flow.
  • Pain reduction – Pain can be eliminated or reduced from the exercises and techniques used by the physical therapist to help restore joint and muscle functioning.
  • Improved muscle functioning – stiff, tense muscles are addressed through physical therapy, and stretching routines will help your muscle functioning and restore strength as well as increase endurance.
  • Balance is improved – sometimes surgery increases the risk of falls, but certain exercises can help improve your balance and decrease fall risks.
  • Core strengthening – One of the essential body foundations, your midsection or core is composed of muscles to help your body stay stable and to prevent injuries. Physical therapy can improve core strengthening.

These are a few of the benefits of physical therapy after surgery. If you have a surgical procedure planned, or if you have recently undergone surgery, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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