Physical Therapists – 4 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing

4 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing a Physical Therapist

Though physical therapy can be a preventative measure, it is usually used to regain strength, balance, and mobility after a severe injury or invasive surgery. In cases like this, a great physical therapist can often be the difference between regaining full mobility and maintaining or even worsening your injuries and movement limitations.

Need a physical therapist and not sure how to go about choosing one? Here are the top 4 factors to keep in mind when browsing potential physical therapists.

  1. Are they licensed? 

You’re entrusting your physical therapist with your health; therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure that they are properly licensed and trained to perform their job correctly.

In order to acquire a license, physical therapists need to earn a degree from a legitimate physical therapy program and pass their national licensure examination.

  1. Are they specialized?

If you’re seeking the treatment of a PT, it’s likely for a specific injury or specific mobility issue. Though a physical therapist that is specialized in leg rehabilitation may be able to provide passable care for a patient with an arm injury, it won’t be as specialized and effective as a physical therapist that specializes in arm rehabilitation would be.

Make sure that your potential physical therapist has extensive experience working with injuries that are the same or similar to yours. This will ensure quality, in-depth care and a much lower risk of worsened injuries.

  1. What do their recovery plans look like?

If a physical therapist sets recovery goals for you that are too specific and time-sensitive, you may want to rethink your choice. Though it’s important to set physical goals and work diligently toward them, a great PT will understand that every patient is different, and goals will evolve over time.

Additionally, it’s important to know that your physical therapist can be flexible with the amount of time you’ll need to regain your strength and won’t cease treatment for any reason until you’ve received the results you need.

  1. Do they assign homework?

The best physical therapists know that when it comes to regaining strength and diminishing pain, not all of the work can be done during appointments alone. Look for a physical therapist that not only leads productive sessions, but also assigns you specific movements and tasks to practice at home in order to recover entirely.

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