Physical Therapy – 5 Major Benefits

5 Major Benefits of Physical Therapy

Many people believe that physical therapy is designed to rehabilitate patients after a traumatic physical event like a car accident or major surgery. While this is true, PT is much more than a reactive method of care; it can also be incredibly beneficial as a proactive measure to prevent serious harm in the event of an accident or surgery. Additionally, physical therapy can help improve the lives of people with a wide range of issues including mobility limitations and those with chronic pain.

Whether you’ve experienced great physical stress, struggle with mobility and pain, or simply want to take a preventative measure to support your health, physical therapy offers a variety of amazing benefits.

Efficient injury recovery. Car accidents and medical procedures aren’t the only common ways to incur serious injuries. Physical therapy can also expedite the recovery process for work-related or sports injuries with a detailed exercise plan designed for your specific needs by an experienced physical therapist.

Pain management. People of all ages and health levels can experience chronic pain for a variety of reasons, and sometimes the reason is unknown. A physical therapist can use specialized stretches and exercises to restore muscle function while remobilizing your joints and soft tissue, greatly reducing aches and pains and sometimes even eliminating them altogether.

Avoiding surgery. Physical therapy can be a useful treatment for patients post-surgery, but it can also negate the need for surgery at all in some cases. With comprehensive PT, patients can improve their mobility and rehabilitate certain injuries without needing invasive surgery that could potentially cause other issues.

Balance correction. Vertigo, a condition that makes patients feel dizzy and nauseous, is experienced by roughly 10% of the population, most of which are over 40. Physical therapy can improve overall balance to help with the symptoms of vertigo and other balance-related maladies.

Regaining lost capabilities. For those who have lost a great deal of mobility due to age or a traumatic accident, physical therapy can help regain at least some of that mobility. Losing capabilities you once had can be both physically and emotionally taxing for many people, and physical therapy can help patients make huge strides in capability recovery over time.

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