5 Couple relationship goals and how to achieve them  

Most people have goals in many different parts of their lives. From your fitness levels and careers to your travel habits and hobbies, you’ve probably got a goal for almost every aspect of your life. But one thing you may have forgotten to create a goal for is your relationship. Some couples may consider counseling before they get married, this is called premarital counseling.

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Goals are designed to help you improve your life and get you where you want to be. By creating couple relationship goals, you’re committing yourself to improving your relationship and nourishing it to become the best it can possibly be. Not only will setting relationship goals make you feel better as an individual, but it will also help you become closer to your partner and strengthen your connection and marriage counseling is not expensive as you may think. 

To help you get started, here are five couple relationship goals and tips on how to achieve them. If you suffer from SAD then read this as SAD can even lead to divorce.

1. Prioritize your relationship

Putting your relationship first means doing your best to make sure your partner feels valued, loved and respected.  Ideally they make you feel the same way. 

By prioritizing your relationship, you’re each proving how much the other person means to you and that the connection you share with them matters more than anything else. This is one of the best ways to ensure your relationship will be long and filled with love and mutual respect.

How to achieve it:

  • Encourage your partner to talk about their wants and needs
  • Always be there for each other
  • Do something (no matter how small) every day to make them happy
  • Focus on their positive qualities and not just the annoying things they do

2. Find balance

When you get into a new relationship, it’s normal to want to spend every moment with that person. But most people find it impossible to maintain this in a long-term relationship.

To live a healthy life and become a well-rounded person, it’s essential you spend time away from your partner doing different things. By learning how to balance the time you spend with your partner and the time you spend without them, the moments you enjoy together will be even more special.  Remember, you were two individuals who found each other and came together.  There is no reason to lose your individuality just because you love someone. 

How to achieve it:

  • Have hobbies you do individually
  • Set specific times you spend together and apart
  • Make concrete plans for fun things to do together

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3. Trust each other

It’s healthy for couples to spend time apart and enjoy the company of others. To maintain a strong relationship, it’s essential you can trust your partner when you’re not with them. They also need to be able to trust you.

Jealousy and false insecurities can easily create a rift between you and your partner and destroy your relationship. Trusting your partner enough to give them the benefit of the doubt is something you need to learn to do.

How to achieve it:

  • Ask yourself why you feel insecure and then talk with your partner about it.  They love you and should turn towards you because they want you to be happy. 
  • Be honest with each other
  • Talk about jealousy and insecurity before they become major problems

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4. Try new things together

No matter how much you love someone, relationships can grow stale over time. If you don’t nurture your relationship when it starts to become monotonous, it could fall apart before you realize. Relationships are like gardens.  They can start out beautiful but if you don’t tend to them, they quickly become somewhere less desirable. 

To help keep your relationship exciting and interesting, commit to trying new things together. This way, you’ll look forward to spending time together and won’t get stuck in a rut. It doesn’t matter how often you try something new or even what it is, as long as you’re open to new things, your relationship will strengthen and grow.

How to achieve it:

  • Take turns coming up with “fun” things to do
  • Plan trips to places you’ve never been before
  • Learn something neither of you knows how to do

5. Create your future

If you dream of growing old with your partner, make that dream a reality by turning it into a plan. Start by making sure it’s something you both want and then begin planning your future together.

When you each understand what the other wants out of life and what your relationship expectations are, you can craft a future together which fulfills your needs and desires. Knowing you’re each committed to spending the rest of your lives together is a wonderful feeling and will help you focus on what’s really important.

How to achieve it:

  • Make solid plans for your future together
  • Be honest about what you want in the relationship
  • Discuss major life decisions together

Your relationship deserves it

Goals are a healthy way of keeping you moving forward and giving you something to look forward to. They’re a reminder that you’re not perfect, but you could be a better version of yourself if you put in some extra effort. Set some couple goals with your partner and give your relationship the work and commitment it deserves. Don’t put your relationship on auto-pilot.  It is the foundation your whole family rests on so take the time to make it solid and to maintain it as well. Read more about our rates here.  No matter how ideal your relationship currently is, the goals you set will help make it even better.

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Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 988
24 Hour Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255
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