Does counseling work for couples?

Yes, couples counseling does work. It can help you resolve relationship issues and strengthen your connection with each other — but only if you’re willing to put in the work. Couples counseling before a divorce is very common to straighten things out and have to divorce go smoothly. Preventing a divorce is usually cheaper than an actual divorce, so couples counseling usually justifies the cost. If you are not careful your partner can some become your ex.

Couples counseling is most successful when you and your partner are both committed to improving your relationship. If one or both of you lack the motivation to change, it’s unlikely counseling will save your relationship, regardless of the training and expertise of your therapist or the goals you set.

Today, around 70% of all couples who attend couples counseling have saved or improved their relationship. Considering that almost 50% of married couples have gone to couples counseling, this is a tremendous success rate.

How does couples counseling work?

Couples counseling works by arming you with the skills and techniques you need to deal with the problems in your relationship. These problems could be from toxic arguments to drifting apart, infidelity, lack of intimacy, communication challenges, money issues, or blended families. 

Whether you are not married yet or married for a long time, unless you have the tools needed to overcome your problems, everyday life can become overwhelming. You may think your relationship isn’t worth the effort, but you should try everything before you decide to walk away.  During your sessions, your couples counselor will help you and your partner develop the ability to communicate successfully and work through your problems together.

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Ideally, by the time your counseling sessions are over, you and your partner will better understand your relationship and be better equipped to handle issues that arise in the future. Attending therapy together can help you set a solid foundation for a happy, healthy relationship that can stand the test of time.

Emotionally Focused Couples Family Therapy 

A lot of clinicians feel that the most effective type of couples counseling is EFT, Emotionally-Focused Therapy. This type of therapy works by improving the attachment and bonding in your relationship. Couples report they maintain the results of EFT counseling for years and years to come. 

The reason couples counseling works over a long period is that it doesn’t focus on just fixing problems. Instead, it provides you with the skills you need to resolve your immediate conflicts, as well as future problems you’ll face in the years to come.

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